Upskilling- 60 Mins Monthly Virtual Workshop

98% of attendees see at least a 25% increase in their retail revenue, by the end of the first week

Upskilling- 60 Mins Monthly Virtual Workshop

Tried and tested interactive sales and customer service workshops which focus on your most important asset- You!

Merges the best from behavioral psychology, persuasive methods and habit formation to help you connect deeper and more authentically with your clients. Naturally you will see, (give or take) an immediate spike in your engagement scores AND your revenues as you focus on what you can do for your client, more often.

With opportunities to both think and practice in a safe learning space - you will try out new actions and behaviors to really own the ultra luxury guest experience.

Fully integrated to support your current practices using the most up to date motivation techniques to support your great work but a focus on removing the barriers and obstacles to getting better outcomes

  • Individualizing Customer Service for Luxury Spa and Hospitality


    1 hr

    49 US dollars
  • Best way to connect identify your situation & what you are looking for

    30 min

  • Customized training to drive measurable changes in teams' behaviors

    7 hr

    Price varies
  • The latest findings and psychological barriers to build resilience

    1 hr