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Is the inspiring and persuading of others presenting challenges or obstacles for you? 



I can help.

What I do

I help emerging and executive leaders identify their strengths together, to rise above challenges, competition and build your capacity and value. 


Who is it for?

All leaders and executives, ready to take their game and grow to the next level through personal, professional, and business coaching. I specialize in leisure, hospitality and service managers in all customer facing industries.  


The Program 

  • Twice monthly 30 minute virtual meets to support your growth to reflect and grow the change leader in you 

  • Big line drawn in the sand in the first meet with much self discovery and self awareness then onwards with growth gaol setting.  It's structured around your needs with the ultimate change leadership guide made with you, for you. Whether in the middle of a change or looking face at 2024 with trepidation.  This is for you.   






Session Summary: 

During the executive coaching session, you will work on growing your self-awareness, clarify your personal vision, achieve development objectives, unlock potential, and act as a sounding board to operational challenges .


A Typical Twice Monthly 30min Session: 

  • Simplify and clarifying goals

  • Help you develop realistic and effective bi-monthly action plans for leadership growth

  • Identify internal and contextual roadblocks

  • Break apart goals into actionable steps

  • Devise a plan of action for each goal

  • Provide you with resources associated with implementing the action plan

  • Teach and mirror successful and positive emotional and behavioral techniques

  • Maintain and share detailed and accurate records of your coaching results (challenges, breakthroughs etc.)

What happens when your company invests in coaching for you?

Your Purpose & Performance go up!  Coaching can help boost your engagement and smash your goals 

+14% increase in engagement 

+$1,812 estimated return in productivity 

*Gallup, 2022 

Ready? Or Thinking About It?

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