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Known as Subject Matter Experts (SME) what sets our programs and workshops apart is how it is original, fresh and relatable to all the team.  Housekeepers, servers, estheticians, front desk agents. 

We make sense of the complex nature of behavior and how that can translate into successful engagement in:

  • Recommending & Sales

  • Customer service and CX

  • Leadership and Emerging Leaders in Hospitality

Any program can be designed and delivered for any customer facing team 

  • eLearning

  • Virtual workshops

  • In-person training


Pick one branch or blend them all into a custom live on-site or virtual workshop. Click to learn more about the initiatives and included elements.

On a Video Call

Inspirational Monthly Webinars

Fresh content shared in an affordable insightful way.  This one hour session leaves you with practical tips to help you grow and feel more confident and ready for anything the world throws your way. 


This season's webinars include tried and tested favorites- 'Elevating the Guest Experience''Recruiting and Retaining Good People' and 'Awakening the Authentic Leader in You' 

Hair Stylist

Recommending, Up-Selling, enriching the CX for Therapists & Retail

A unique intensive workshop that expands and explains what really drives behavior, motivation and how to work successfully using strengths. Live instruction, in-person over 4 hours, the session is personalized and totally team-centered focusing on increasing confidence and wellbeing and creating solutions together to solve recommending and guest engagement challenges.

These science-based and engaging seminars have been proven to:

  • Boost Guest Engagement

  • Improve Team Satisfaction &

  • Drive Increased Revenues.

Book Now or Schedule a Free Zoom Consultation to Learn More:

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