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Known for our fresh, relatable human behavior expertise supported by psychological techniques that work and make sense to the complex nature of behavior in:

  • Recommending & Sales

  • Customer service and CX

We offer a variety of custom-built programs including:

  • eLearning

  • Virtual workshops

  • In-person training


Pick one branch or blend them all into a custom live on-site or virtual workshop. Click to learn more about the initiatives and included elements.

On a Video Call

Resetting After COVID: Getting the Team to SELL Again

98% of attendees see at least a 15% increase in their recommending retail revenues, by the end of the first week after the training. That easy, team just need a reset to reincorporate the art and science of recommending.

Hair Stylist

Enrich the Guest Experience: Using Emotional Intelligence to Build Retail Strategies

A unique intensive workshop that expands and explains what really drives behavior, motivation and how to always work in your strengths. Conducted in-person over 3-6 hours, the session is team-centered and focusses on their wellbeing and creating solutions together to 'real' felt challenges.

These science-based and engaging seminars have been proven to:

  • Boost Guest Engagement

  • Improve Team Satisfaction &

  • Drive Increased Revenues.

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