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Dr. Michela Henke Cilenti Motivational Speaker
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Wildly enthusiastic, empathetical perspective taker.  Distinct knowledge on the sticky bits of human interaction - she speaks with authority but in a relatable, digestible format.  Hard to fall asleep in this session

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  • The Great Reset - Getting The Team to Sell After Covid
  • The Psychology of Recommending- Make it Make Sense
  • Grow Retail, Up-selling & Home Care by 25%
  • Change Leadership - The Change Leader in You
  • Resilience- Building up your Natural Strength and Recovery
  • Using Social Psychology to Make the Sales Process Work for YOUR Team
  • Up-Selling to Maximize the Client Experience
  • Intercultural & Generational  Communication to Build an Agile, Creative Team
  • DISC and Building Exceptional Team Dynamics
  • Communicating Trust Using Strategic Behavioral Mimicry
  • Trust & Negotiation- Bake Bigger Pies for your Clients!
  • Top Ten Ways to FAIL your Start-up!

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