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Get Learning and Development Back On Your Budget

3 questions to help you know when the optimum time is to refill and refresh skills, self-knowledge and confidence.

Train now or postpone until 2025? Yup, I know it feels messy out there..........

We know we can't realistically do that as training adds so much to the teams' deep rooted desire for mastery and purpose = employee happiness

Connecting and deepening the guest experience by recommending self-care has been covered in an earlier blog , but as of right now, according to IBM employees want to feel more valued, more connected, communicated to and with and have time invested in them. Keeping our employees engaged is key to retaining the best team- other factors aside, they will stay.

To train of not to train is a double edged sword. Withholding and moving training to a later date in 2022, because the team are over committed (training could be harder to absorb, because they are at capacity) is strategically brilliant, but if and when will the chaotic dust settle so the team can learn in 'peace' ?

Another barrier that stop investing in the team is that some leaders believe that outsourcing learning and development is a sign of weakness, that they haven't got it all covered themselves. They self-invert the question and ask ourselves "well, I should be motivating and coaching the team to sell!" It's a bias, a way in times of uncertainty we try to control as much as we can in spite of staff shortages and limited resources. 

"You can't do it alone. It's not even a question of weakness"

The result is that it keeps the leader and the teams in a passive place of status quo with just something else added to the to do list, to do when you get round to it.

Only Moira Rose from Schitt's Creek can wear that many hats (and wigs)

The good news is that even though the operational climate feels very new since Covid, actually, on reflection, there is a strong pattern of success and we have seen that many factors haven't changed, for many our clients, over the past few months. The intensity has increase, yes but employees need confirmation and continuous refresh to manage the complexity of delivering extraordinary experiences.

If you answer to yes to the below questions there is a good chance Exec Coaching or Learning and Development could be for you.

1. Have you seen a 'good time' to train, or is it is a luxury we won't have for another while?

2. Does your operation look like the high season is going to roll in soon (or has started), whether you are really ready of not?

3. Does your business have a strong revenue goal it needs to achieve?

"97% of our sales training conducted in the first part of the year, starts a 'revenue snowball effect' that takes off significant financial pressure from the rest of the year"

Experience matters. More than any other time in history. Every single interaction between the team or guest and humanizes and elevates all our products and services.

Training the team to enrich the guest experience requires being comfortable enough in your own skin to admit that there is more to improve upon. If you’re there, and your business is willing to strategically invest, it can make all the difference to engaging and retaining your team and building deeper guest experiences for the guests.

It may seem overwhelming to provide a day long training course to employees, but there is a better alternative. With our virtual live training can fit around everyone's schedule.

Alternatively our signature onsite training actually pays for itself within 2-3 days of delivery as the team feel empowered and confident to engage more and recommend. Works immediately to remove barrier and spikes revenues.

To get an idea of the ROI you could earn with less effort and better results all round, be sure to contact me today for a no-obligation conversation about training the teams' Emotional Intelligence and Resetting after Covid to recommend again.

On a continual quest for engagement & deeper guest experiences

Let's talk (314) 728 1109.


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