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Restart: Close the Earning Gap with Intelligent Recommending

Coronavirus has affected so many existential areas: health, family, human connection, the care for elders, government, media, distribution of wealth, ecology: it has made many of us engage in deeper societal reflection and dialogue, both as human beings and as therapists.

What are you contemplating? What did you learn? How will it shape who you are and how you will serve going forward? How will you reinvent your true purpose?

The Old Way is Not Enough for the New Normal

The challenge of our new reality is this: How can we support our teams’ true purpose be balanced with their earnings? Savings have been chipped into, and the experience of being furloughed with benefits has affected how we live and consume. Paired with widespread confirmation that earning under $47,000 is not enough security for uncertain times (WSJ, June 3rd, 2020), people are left with fear and vulnerability about the future. This is part of the stress and reluctance we are seeing as therapists and teams return to work, which is making it extra hard to tap into the purpose and healing they do so well - and the ability to recommend solutions to clients.

Why Add in Extras and Home-care?

Maximizing revenue per client visit has become paramount for many reasons! To do this, we need to pave a way, navigate around the fewer services we are currently offering, and create a safe, sanitized environment for both the team and the client.

For the team: Retail commissions, enhancement commissions, and selling longer services are now a must-do for their own pay packet and balance of equity. The effort of all they put it must balance what they receive out.

For the spa or property: We have all experienced a loss of revenue during this pandemic, and we need to work hard to maximize profits now to dig out of the red. We can’t run at a loss, indefinitely. No business can.

For the client: After months of guests experiencing very little self-care at home, enhancements and longer services (50-80 minutes) make sense more than ever. Clients want to experience more. To reconnect, build trust, and get the level of experience to equate the value of money spent, we need to provide more than ever before. Each DISC profile will have its own needs of how that value can be presented positively. By understanding different personalities, you can communicate more effectively and adapt your approach to fit their needs.

“Customers who are fully engaged represent a 23% premium in share of wallet, profitability, revenue, and relationship growth over the average customer.”

For the long haul: A deeper experience results in a more positive perceived value of the service. This is essential for the customer loyalty that we need to see in our clients.

Phenomenal questioning and listening techniques using DISC will allow us to make an intelligent recommendation for extra time, a needed enhancement, or home-care, allowing us to build personalized, comprehensive solutions for our clients.

For more information on using DISC behavior techniques to connect with clients and rebuild trust, check out my previous blog post, Restart: Rebuilding Client Trust.

Together, we have this. Psychologically, people instinctively want to help their ‘group’ survive during a crisis, so working as a team (even though the work is individually done) can harness everyone’s personal survival instinct to help themselves and their business.

During this Coach-Led Virtual Classroom you'll:

  • Go deep on the unique people challenges in the new world

  • Understand the interplay between beliefs and home-care recommending

  • Have a chance to share your questions and concerns

  • Get LIVE feedback and help from a top leadership thinker


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