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 Team Need a RESET to
Up-sell & Recommend Again? 


Through on-site programs, virtual trainings, and keynote speaking engagements, we deliver informative lessons on Sales Psychology and service and hospitality best practices in order to boost guest engagement, enhance team satisfaction, and build revenues.

On a Video Call


Inspirational Monthly Webinars

Fresh content shared in an affordable insightful way.  This one hour session leaves you with practical tips to help you grow and feel more confident and ready for anything the world throws your way. 


This season's webinars include tried and tested favorites- 'Elevating the Guest Experience'; 'Recruiting and Retaining Good People' and 'Awakening the Authentic Leader in You' 

Hair Stylist


Recommending, Up-Selling, enriching the CX for Therapists & Retail

A unique intensive workshop that expands and explains what really drives behavior, motivation and how to always work in your strengths. Live instruction, in-person over 4 hours, the session is personalized and totally team-centered focusing on increasing confidence and wellbeing and creating solutions together to solve recommending and guest engagement challenges.

Dr. Michela Henke Cilenti Sales Training at The Four Seasons

What We Do Best


We are an ultra luxury hospitality and customer service industry consultancy that strategically adapts and responds to the needs of both small and Fortune 500 companies alike, to increase revenues, guest engagement and build intrinsic (generated and motivated from the inside of a person) selling skills.


 We love the work we do and our clients tell us that we are the missing piece that taps into the collective brilliance of  talented leaders and team. 


Our clients appreciate that we ‘get it’ quickly, that we take the time to understand exactly what they want, adjusting our work to fit their needs, in their way.  


These timely consults and trainings not only produce organic, aggressive retail and revenue growth, but most importantly exceptional service which is the first indicator of behavioral change. 


 We truly understand how to drive change that sticks and reduce barriers to non-selling, unproductive habits.

Specializations & Industries 

  • The hospitality industry​

  • Spas, salons, and related operators in the service industry

  • Athletic and fitness clubs and related membership organizations 

  • Gaming and entertainment industry 

  • Sales teams across industry 

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