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Michela Henke Cilenti Training Forbes Customer Service Trainin

Continuously adapting

and applying positive social psychological strategies to build team and guest trust and engagement.


The sales follow instantly. 


Every. Time.

Working in customer facing services and hospitality, I specialize in the gap between people and performance: barriers and obstacles that prevent teams from connecting perpetually with their ultimate purpose of delighting their clients.


Degreed and Doctored in Psychology, Sociology, Business, Management, Organizational  Leadership in addition to being a Certified Professional in Talent Development, I currently instruct the post-grad Organization Development Program at Webster University. 

Certified Professional Talent Development Specialist

25+ years in business

My expertise lies in cross-pollinating across excellence in business: adapting and applying seven star service and exceptional practice across Europe and North America. Blending coaching, consulting, virtual and on-site facilitator-sessions instantly improve and make change positive and agile for the future.

10 areas of expertise

4 virtual & in-person solutions

Driven by an insatiable curiosity about the performance of business, I thrive on figuring out how people, situations and objects work and how they could work better: smarter, deeper, faster with more quality outcomes, and ultimately higher levels of client advocacy.

100% confidence

20,000+ people trained

I focus on the positives: what works and how alignment can bring greater efficiencies and purpose to your organization.  Positivity is a powerful tool, which can be crafted to reshape your culture.  Need evidence based theories to proceed? Read this summary from Harvard Business School:

I typically respond within one business day

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