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Recommending, Retailing & Up-Selling for Service Providers

Course Summary 

This 4hr hour on-site workshop tackles and inspires the team to recognize their emotional intelligence to feel more confident engaging with the guest authentically and deeper,  anticipate their guests’ needs, and if it makes sense - recommend retail,  enhancements, up and cross sells. 


The team’s mindset changes actually in the workshop and so does their ability to have an instant impact on the outcome, personal connection and value created for each guest.  This ROI can also be seen immediately in employee and guest satisfaction scores and enhancement and retail revenues.   

Therapists and retail team are upselling and recommending homecare
Course Experience

In the workshop "Recommending, Upselling & Enriching the Guest/Customer Experience" learners recognize that their emotional intelligence is more important to performance than their abilities and technical skills combined.

This powerful, blended workshop activates learning that isolates and challenges held by each service provider.

Every session starts uniquely with a laser focus on accelerating personal development, learning to positively manage their emotions and read the emotions, needs and behaviors of others their team and guests.


Through high energy activities, videos, group discussions and role plays service providers learn how to flex their communication skills that will help them connect deeply and recommend in all types of conversations, whether communicating face to face, by phone, or remotely.

Our purpose is to support hospitality professionals reconnect with their greater purpose and their experience at work. Research systematically indicates that a deep understanding of their purpose is profoundly connected to the creation of extraordinary guest experiences from which increased revenues follow.

Who Should Take this Course? 

Service professionals and providers in the service and hospitality industry wishing to increase to communicate clearly and effectively with others to optimize and maximize the guest experience. This course is designed to teach participants ways to increase their communication, recommending, persuading and selling effectiveness with their clients, teams, in meetings and in individual discussions with peers, managers, guests and customers. This workshop will spike your guest and employee surveys and revenues, so if you have targets to reach this will work towards bridging those gaps, quickly. 

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