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 Emotional Intelligence to Build Retail Strategies

A unique intensive workshop that expands and explains what really drives behavior, motivation and how to always work in your strengths. Lively, engaging 1/2 day in-person training, the session is team-centered and focusses on their wellbeing and creating solutions together to 'real' felt challenges.

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Emotional Intelligence is more important to performance than ability and technical skills combined.

This intense blended course activates learning that isolates and challenges the growing leader in you.

Every session starts uniquely with a blend of personal development, learning to manage your emotions and read those of others.

Our purpose is to bring to support hospitality professionals reconnect with their greater purpose and their experience at work. Research systematically indicated that deep purpose is connected to the creation of extraordinary guest experiences from which increased revenues follow.

This session motivates and invigorates organizations where people desire a stronger sense of belonging, where they feel fully able to connect to the purpose of their business, and connect with the best version of themselves so they flourish in every aspect of life, not just work.

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