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Getting Dominant Guests & Clients to Wear Masks

I had COVID and I am ALL about the mask. Apart from having travelled through an airport in March, which I felt increased my risk of exposure- I had no idea I had it. I am so lucky and grateful as all I had was a sore throat for a few hours. No fever or fatigue. Nada.

The giveaway was my loss of smell and taste a few days after that. So having experienced first hand and reading as much as I can on the subject, there really is a good chance that you also will not know you have it. Which is where the mask comes in. It's a no brainer. That's your altruistic bit. To protect others around you and their others around them. We know they filter some droplets- that has to be better than nothing as the vaccine is not yet available.

So, how do we instill, using the same logic, that our guests also must think of us and our other clients. Creating a safe environment is key as discussed in The Rebuilding Client Trust Blog. Nordstrom Rack, have done an incredible job of empowering the team to create a safe working and shopping environment.

Deeper Connection - Solve a Problem Together

Not only did the procedures that I list below make me feel incredibly SAFE, but I am also connected much deeper before as their approach says "We are in this together' "let's keep each other safe'.

  • Number of customers- really just a handful

  • Entrance table of (a high standard of quality) gloves, masks and sanitizer. MASKS were the base expectation.

  • Every trolley cleaned and wiped

  • Eye contact and engagement at entry and departure

  • Announcements every 30 mins, for staff to clean, where they are.

  • Each cashier, wipes comprehensively after each customer

  • Sunglasses and shoes to be placed in a bin after being tried on

  • One flow of traffic.

  • Dots to stand on in the line.

As you suspected, after 3 months on lockdown and all these positive feelings of engagement, my trolley was full.

Engagement comes through tackling our environment together with the team and the clients needs equally prioritized. Hence the mask.

Communicating Expectations

Using DISC to help improve your communication will also build a stronger

relationship. By understanding people better, you can communicate with them in an empathetic way that accounts for the uniqueness of their personality. There are 4 DISC types, with us all being a blend of the 4- but one is our first or dominant profile.

Each profile has quite different motivations and needs regarding how to be communicated to about what to expect during their visit to the property.

Dominant- They are motivated by having control over the future and personal authority. Explaining that masks protect everyone and allow the spa to continue operating means that they appreciate an upfront and clear approach of the why. They respond well to the two options of 'bring your own mask or use one of ours provided'

Influential-They are motivated by innovation and are excited for the future. They love to build new relationships and experiences and so communication on this novel space is exciting for them. Having your most senior and charismatic team members to engage and check in, will deepen the relationship naturally and frame the positive of this new normal .

Steady- They are motivated by peace, security and others' wellbeing and so really understand the mask conundrum. By making masks policy for all, the S feels at ease and much more comfortable, as they would not discuss their discomfort but just not feel considered, genuinely.

Cautious/Conscientious- They are motivated by logic, information and problem solving. Based on fact-combating COVID together to create a safe environment for all really makes sense and appeals to the C. They appreciate level headed communication without dramatizations and unnecessary emotion (in their opinion). The quality and disposal of your PPE is key- emphasize it, it will go a long way.

During this Coach-Led Virtual Classroom you'll:

  • Go deep on the unique people challenges in the new world

  • Understand the interplay between beliefs and home-care recommending

  • Have a chance to share your questions and concerns

  • Get LIVE feedback and help from a top leadership thinker


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